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Writing Services

It was a dark and stormy night…

At least it seems that way when you are stuck in the middle of a writing project or just searching for a place to begin. Sometimes you feel your mind is so full of ideas…if only you can get it down on paper.

Inkwater’s team of writers and editors are here to help at which ever stage you find yourself stuck in. Our passion for the written word is as deep as yours, and we are here to help by doing the work for you or coaching you along the way.


Inkwater offers ghostwriting for all kinds of books. If you have an idea for a book but not the time or desire to write it, please contact us for more information. We work with projects at all stages of development, and in all genres.

Writing Coaching

Inkwater offers tutorials for authors who are looking to improve their craft. This hourly service is for all levels—whether you already have a manuscript or are just beginning to tell your story. Topics are customized to the author’s needs, and can range from the basics of grammar and mechanics to deeper issues like creating engaging characters, building tension in a scene, or writing effective dialogue.

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