What We Do

Book Publishing and Consultation

Inkwater works in close collaboration with each author, business, or organization to help authors reach their creative dreams and goals. With decades of traditional and digital publishing experience and hundreds of successful titles published, Inkwater has the experts to help write, develop, edit, design, publicize, and distribute each client’s unique story. We can guide you through the process of putting your knowledge to the page. Books are our business. We are a full-service Portland publishing house, helping professionals craft a book they can be proud of while contributing something unique to the conversation and culture.
  • Development

    Inkwater can help authors during the writing process whether it be:

    • ghostwriting your content
    • writing consultation helping you hone your own words

  • Publishing

    Once you have a finished manuscript Inkwater can help you put the pieces together:

    • editing your finished manuscript
    • award-winning design staff can help your book capture the attention of your audience
    • explore printing options that meet your book's goals
    • discuss distribution options that either puts you in full-control or hands-free of the nitty-gritty details

  • Marketing

    Inkwater's marketing department helps you think both inside and outside the box. We start by evaluating your strengths, goals, and budget then work with you to come up with a custom marketing strategy that is perfect for your book.