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“When I finished my first novel in July 2008, Repeat Business, I contacted Inkwater Press in hopes of getting my book published. I heard from writers who used other publishers how long it took to get their book in print, but that was not the case with Inkwater Press. They helped me pick out an eye-catching cover, edited and proof read my book for a reasonable fee, and promoted me wonderfully on their website once the book was bound. Their literary team is courteous, responsible and they work fast – my book was for sale by early September of 2008, less than three months after the publishing process began. I am in South Florida and Inkwater Press is in Portland, Oregon – a continent away – but when I called their number for help they treated me like I was right next door. I am currently working on my second novel and will not hesitate to work with Inkwater Press again.”

Joe Carufe
Repeat Business

“You guys are the BEST.”

Ron Talney
Nockers Up!

“When I first approached Inkwater, I didn’t know what to expect. When I arrived for my first visit, I found an organization that gives each author individual attention, their honest thoughts and opinions, and zero sales pitch. After putting my material together, I handed them a memory stick with 50 random photos they packaged them into much more than I expected. I’ve heard nothing but positive comments about the cover, artwork, and style. Well done!”

John Rydzewski
Let’s Eat!

“The help and final editions of the exterior and interior was marvelous. I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. I am so thankful to every person and department for their help. We were also on a very tight budget so we couldn’t take advantage of all their services; so for trained professional proof readers, they would cringe for sure at some of our language, grammar, punctuation, etc.; but it represents me, my coach, and our team, just the way we wanted. I am very pleased we chose Inkwater for our first venture into writing and publishing.”

Will Shepherd
An Inning at a Time (co-author)

“Inkwater Press has published two of my novels and the experience with each was outstanding. From initial concept to cover design to book layout, the professionals at Inkwater delivered on every count. I can’t recommend this publisher enough.”

S.W. Capps
Salmon Run & Train in the Distance

“I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude. I received my first copies of the book and the final product looks absolutely amazing. I am very excited about the road ahead and just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated all of your assistance through this process. Most simply put: Thank you very much!”

Chad Coenson
Me & Bobby McGee

“From the moment of sending my manuscript to you and your approval to publish the book, you worked with me every step of the way. From editing the manuscript, designing the book cover, the final print to the prompt delivery of the books and later the endless suggestions and help how to help marketing the book it was without saying amazing. I still feel like you became my friends and I like to thank you for the journey. (Which I hope will not end soon.) By the way, I like the website you have designed for me very much, and I hope this too will be a helpful tool to market the book.”

Steffie Steinke
A Penny Always Has Two Sides

“Inkwater Press is a pleasure to work with. They are excellent communicators with a talented staff of devoted people who care about your book and follow through with your requests. They are creative and able to serve both the new author and those who are publishing multiple times. I also appreciated the ability to sit down face-to-face with them to work out details on my book. Thanks Inkwater Press.”

Chuck Hewitson
When Life Throws You For The Loop

“Just wanted to say thanks again for everything. Masha’s interior design of the book blows the cover out of the water for me. It’s perfect. I mean perfect.”

Trevor Richardson
American Bastards

“After searching the web for publishers for my memoir about driving through Africa in 1953, I decided on a local press where I could meet the staff and telephone with ease. Throughout the publishing, all the staff have been responsive, suggesting better approaches to deciding about the inclusion of photographs, and encouraging me to include maps. The design of the book cover has brought raves from my friends. The font styles add to the reading pleasure. I have already recommended Inkwater Press to colleagues, and plan to publish several more books with them.”

Irene Tinker
Crossing Centuries

“My last three books: The Great Disconnect, The Future of Christianity in a Post-Christian Era, and The Radical Rabbi of Nazareth were the creative publishing work of the entire staff at the Inkwater Press in Portland, Oregon. I look to them as a very special group of accommodating, efficient and creative publishers who continue to produce a quality product. Any future manuscript of mine will return immediately to them for their special touch and caring approach to publication.”

Robert E. Willoughby
The Radical Rabbi of Nazareth

“I AM LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you again to you & the entire team. I can’t tell you how good I feel every time I see the site. It just makes my day. Beautifully designed, well executed.”

Kevin Renner
In Search of Fatherhood

“The folks at Inkwater were absolutely terrific with first time authors, and I mean TERRIFIC. We could and did tell the story for sure, but the nuances of publishing were challenging and we were absolute rookies and they all helped us a ton with the specifics of what we needed to do to make it happen. They were and are professional, helpful, real, and every person that we dealt with understood our questions and fears.”

Will Shepherd
An Inning at a Time

“Inkwater Press helped me and my partner design the best book possible. The typeface was simple but elegant, and Inkwater was open to our plans for a striking cover. I have just sent out 34 copies of my novel, Precincts of Light, to academic libraries throughout our region, and I am proud of our product.”

Henry Alley
Precincts of Light

“I would like to send you a few lines because it is now a bit over a year ago that, thanks to you people, I actually held my book in my hands without being able to talk at first. It turned out so well and made me speechless (which doesn’t happen very often). When I was ready to have the book published and I found Inkwater Press, I was not sure if I should self-publish. But thanks to your help and everybody’s kindness I am so glad now that I did and realize that it was the right decision.”

Steffie Steinke
A Penny Always Has Two Sides

“From beginning to end, my experience with Inkwater has been very satisfying, especially in the area of service. Once my book was proofed and ready to go, there were copies available right away, and the final product has made me proud. My years of hard work, editing and inspiration turned into a book readers are enjoying in all respects, including the cover’s texture and design which combined, make the perfect invitation. And, the appeal doesn’t stop there. With each chapter, there is the reminder of what is at the heart of the book itself. As Father Tom would say, “You did good, my friends.” “You can tell a book by its publisher” sums up my overall satisfaction with Inkwater Press. They have done a wonderful job both inside and out, the graphics and design are delightful, their approach professional. Thank you so very much!”

Julie R. Mackenzie
A Temptation Tale: A Father Tom Novel

“I’ve said it a dozen times by now, but everyone at Inkwater has gone beyond my expectations at every opportunity in this process.”

Michael Scott Curnes
Coping with Ash

“The marketing staff gave me the latitude to suggest approaches specific to my intended audience, and then worked enthusiastically with reviewers, bookstores, and event planners to put together a highly successful series of appearances.”

John Willingham
The Edge of Freedom

“Without a doubt the staff at Inkwater Press are the most courteous and understanding people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Their professionalism, combined with a true understanding of the needs of both a writer and a person has made my experience a joy. Thank you all so very much.”

Brian D. Anderson
The Godling Chronicles

“I returned from a few days in the mountains to my box of beautiful books – I can’t thank you all enough for your help working with me these past few months. The books are just as I’d hoped for and are probably even better. There’s nothing like having it in hand. I love the insides and outsides and want you to know it was a pleasure to work with you.”

Lynne Martin
Letters from Canton

“I just had to write you to thank you for all the work you have done for me. I’m selling about 20-30 books per day now and am ranked 5700 on amazon and each week it gets better. None of this would have been possible without you guys. Tell the staff how much I appreciate them.”

Brian Anderson
The Godling Chronicles

“I found Inkwater’s staff very helpful and personable. They knew me by name. I didn’t need a list of numbers like a customer ID number and a book ID number to make things happen. This made my publishing experience with Inkwater an absolute joy.”

Mike Little
Twelve Quiet Men

“I want to add my appreciation to Inkwater Press for believing in my novel The Returning and giving me the thrill of a life time to see my first effort in print. I loved the whole experience, but some of the highlights might include, Linda Franklin’s editing. She is phenomenal. I can’t forget Masha, art designer. When I asked to shorten the title she said, “Decide after you’ve seen the cover.” And, wow! Stunning. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. How she incorporated the solitary marine into the font of “The” was more than creative, it helped tell the story. People have remarked over and over that the marble on the cover was ingenious and did I think of it? No, but I was thrilled she did. The artistic and editorial and management team at Inkwater Press is tremendous. If your work is selected for publication by them you will be happy for it. I certainly am.”

Jean Sorrell
The Returning

“I have published nine [count ’em] NINE books with Inkwater. The finished product is BEAUTIFUL! Made of durable covers featuring peerless artwork and securely bound, quality-printed pages, they are a constant source of pride. They have never let me down and usually have one or more pleasant surprises, obviously taking the same pride in producing my works as I have in writing them. I will never go to anyone else.”

John W. Cassell
An Aquarian Tragedy

“I have to tell you I am FLOORED by the cover of the book. I am astounded. It is so powerful. I have it opened on my widescreen iMac and I’m just looking at it from every corner in my living room…I’m stunned. Thank you!”

Michael Scott Curnes
For the Love of Mother

“The cover design for my novel was perfect, capturing the theme and giving readers a sense of drama and history.”

John Willingham
The Edge of Freedom

“Finishing my first novel was a dream manifested, I was elated beyond words, but that joy quickly turned into frustration and fear while going through the arduous process of trying to find a publisher. My hard work became nothing more than a nameless pile of paper set in a stack somewhere for months on end. Luckily I stumbled upon Inkwater Press when I did or might have given up on my dream. Instantly they treated me as a human being, almost like a family member, and they were very respectful of my visions as an author. I love the way my book turned out and have had nothing but great interactions with all of the staff members I have worked with. I am proud to say my first novel is published with Inkwater Press.”

Nicasio Latasa
Stumbling Upon Mowgli

“I put years of work into my manuscript. When it was time to publish I decided to go that extra mile and pay Inkwater to handle the interior layout and exterior design. This was one of the best decisions I made concerning my masterpiece (he he).”

Mike Little
Twelve Quiet Men

“The team at Inkwater Press is extraordinary. Sean, who is the director of acquisitions, was very welcoming when I presented my novella to the press for consideration for publication. He does an excellent job of representing Inkwater’s upbeat culture to prospective authors. Linda did a very professional job of editing my work and was not only efficient but also kindly and encouraging. A special thanks goes to Jayme, who did a bang-up job of designing by book as well as my web site. Jayme sent a complimentary e-mail to my daughter, who did the painting which was used on the book’s cover, which I consider to be an act of uncommon courtesy. John, the press’ marketing director, had several good ideas for promoting my book. John is a poet himself and understands the needs of authors very well. He keenly assessed the avenues most likely to reach my book’s target audience and went to work. The group as a whole possesses an uncommon combination of creativity and efficiency. All have been helpful in guiding me through the unfamiliar territory of book publication and promotion. I appreciate them all very much.”

Lee Vranna
Josh Climbs the Tree of Life

“Every aspect of my experience with Inkwater Press in publishing my book, The Great Fleeceman and Other Stories, was excellent. The design of the cover was excellent and people to whom I have given copies have commented on how appropriate and good it is. The layout of the book was also excellent. I would recommend Inkwater Press and its staff to anyone without reservations. All of you did a fine job and I am grateful.”

Ted McConnell
The Great Fleeceman

“I just have to say thank you to everyone who helped me with getting my book into my hands; Sean, Vanessa, Emily, Steve, and Linda, as well as everyone else, I send my gratitude. Ghost Eyes turned out fantastic! I was ecstatic to open that box and hold the first copy in my hands. Again, thank you.”

W.D. Cruze
Ghost Eyes

“Editing was performed quickly and thoroughly. Inkwater designed our website and we feel it is very eye-catching in its design. Masha did an outstanding job of adding color to the interior that complemented the art and the story. She took the cover art we submitted and added an additional dimension to it that makes it really stand out! Personal service is also top-notch. Every question we had was always answered professionally and promptly. We have recommended Inkwater to other authors based on our positive experience.”

Kathleen Taylor & Katherine L. Taylor
Eddie and Bingo

“Inkwater Press—the entire staff—is absolutely fantastic. I published my first novel with CreateSpace because I needed a tool to learn about the crazy world of publishing. I learned, among other things, that I need a service that does much more than simply prepare a book, print it, and pop it online. The more I learned about the publishing industry from my first experience, reading many sources, and talking to authors and agents, the more I knew two things: I wanted to remain an independently published author, but I needed a traditional-type publisher. I thought that the idea of a “traditional indie publisher” was a cruel oxymoron until I encountered Inkwater Press. From the beginning, I knew that Inkwater Press offered top-notch, high-quality serivces. I met Sean J in person at a Portland, OR event, and he allowed me to ask what must have, to him, seemed like endless questions. He answered them patiently and with expertise. I appreciated the fact that he knew I was, at that point, working with CreateSpace and thus didn’t push his own company. He acted like an informed colleague rather than a salesperson. Everyone at Inkwater Press has acted with that same high standard. I am infinitely pleased with Linda’s professional editing services, Emily’s design services, and John’s marketing services. All of the staff members are talented, professional, and friendly. Inkwater Press does not simply print an author’s manuscript into book format. They act as a traditional publisher does, creating books whose quality matches those of traditional publishing houses. And their services don’t stop once the book is created. Inkwater Press works as an integral part of an author’s team to increase public awareness of the book. Inkwater Press creates a high-quality product and then stands behind it to help the author succeed.”

Tanya J Peterson
Leave of Absence

“When I signed on with Inkwater I had them handle all aspects of my book’s design. I provided front and back cover backdrop photographs, along with some proposals on how the exterior might be handled. Inkwater used my suggestions and created a book that is truly professional in appearance. I’m proud as a peacock of the final result. I absolutely love it and its far superior to anything I could have done! The money I spent for Inkwater’s interior and exterior graphic services was worth every penny.”

Mike Little
Twelve Quiet Men

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