Edit Your Traditional Submission Package with Inkwater

Edit Your Traditional Submission Package with Inkwater

You’ve worked hard on your manuscript, and at last you’re ready to get it published.

So what do you do now?

If you are trying to break into the world of traditional publishing, the next step is to put together a submission package—typically consisting of a query letter, a manuscript synopsis, and (sometimes) the manuscript’s first five pages. The point of a submission package is to do one of two things: 1. Get an agent to represent you, or 2. Get an acquiring editor to make an offer for your manuscript. Query letters and manuscript synopses are short, but notoriously difficult to write. You want to sell your work . . . without overselling it. You want to be persuasive, friendly, and personable, but not chummy or assuming or cute. Most of all, you want to pique an agent or editor’s interest in the few seconds you have their attention—and thus be concise but irresistible.

If that sounds easier said than done, you’re right. But Inkwater’s publishing experts are here to help. Let us work with you to make your draft submission package materials as strong as they can be. We’ll assist you in effectively articulating the value of your work, distinguishing between what is essential and what is extraneous. We’ll share our knowledge of publishing industry standards—specifically, what agents and editors are looking for—increasing your chances of getting your foot in the door. And of course, we’ll also help you clean up grammar, spelling, or other technical errors.

We offer several variants of this service. Each involves a brief initial consultation with the author—to be sure that he or she is ready to go on submission, and also to find out more about the project.

Traditional Submission Package Editing Services:

    • Query Letter Edit – $50
      • In 500 words or less, hook an agent or editor with your intriguing premise, while providing necessary information in a business-like yet friendly tone.
    • Synopsis Edit – $100
      • Condense the entire book’s narrative into 1,000 words or less.
    • Query Letter Edit and Synopsis Edit – $125
      • Receive editorial feedback on the two staples of a traditional submission.
    • Query Letter Edit, Synopsis Edit, and First Five Pages Evaluation – $150
      • Most agents and editors require a writing sample before requesting your full manuscript. Along with your query letter and synopsis, send your first five pages to Inkwater’s editors to see why they would accept or reject your submission package.
    • The Returning Edit Package – $200
      • This service allows each author to establish an intensive relationship with Inkwater’s editors. Your query, synopsis, and first five pages can be edited up to three times.

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