Reader’s Circle

Book Club Exposure with Reader’s Circle

This service puts your title in front of a vast array of international book clubs for 1 full year. Reader’s Circle book clubs are located throughout North America and Europe. In addition to letting book clubs know about your book, each author is also listed on their Author Phone Chat list, which allows interested book clubs to contact you and request your direct author participation in their club.

You reach:

  • 90,000 potential readers (this is the number of their subscribers and readers annually)
  • 1,000 book clubs worldwide (who participate on Reader’s Circle every day)

You get:

  • Your author contact information (email) listed for 1 full year, allowing book clubs to contact you if interested in your participation in their club
  • Full book and purchasing information available for 1 full year to all associated book clubs and the public
  • Both of the above are also showcased on their homepage for 1 month

Price: $185.

*This is probably the most influential book club collective and site open to small presses and self-published works.