Get Your Book Reviewed by Kirkus

Since 1933, Kirkus has been one of the most trusted and authoritative voices in book discovery. Kirkus Reviews magazine has been circulated to book industry insiders and influencers. Their consumer-facing website features more than 300,000 original reviews to help readers find the best new releases. You may choose to publish your review on, where it can be discovered by industry influencers, agents, publishers, and consumers (unless it’s a negative review, at which point you can request that it never see the light of day). Works of exceptional merit are awarded a Kirkus Star, one of the most revered designations in the book industry.

Your Kirkus review may be chosen to be featured in Kirkus Reviews magazine, which is read by librarians, booksellers, publishers, journalists, and entertainment executives. Their editor may also select it to be featured in their email newsletter, which is distributed to more than 13,000 industry professionals and consumers.

The review can be used in any way you want: on the book cover, your website, press release, emails, social media sites, posters, or anything else. A Kirkus review is a powerful tool for promoting any book. This gives you a chance to obtain an unbiased, professional review (approximately 250-350 words) written in the same format as a traditional Kirkus review.


  • Standard Service – $1075 (7–9 weeks)
  • Express Service – $1450 (3–4 weeks)