First Chapter Plus

Listing in First Chapter Plus Book Buyers Guide

This buyers guide will introduce your book to libraries, bookstores, media, book reviewers, bloggers, and readers. This is a monthly e-catalog that includes the first chapters of print and digital books, plus all the essential information to get people interested in buying.

You reach:

  • 20,000 public librarians in the US
  • 3,300 independent bookstores in the US
  • 300 media columnists and editors in the US
  • 11,000 readers, writers, and bloggers worldwide
  • Placement in 3 consecutive monthly issues (over 104,000 impressions, equating to less than $0.03 per impression)

You get:

  • A half-page listing
  • Cover image placement
  • Synopsis of the story
  • Space for two testimonials/reviews
  • Inclusion of all the front matter (Table of Contents, Foreword, etc.) and your full first chapter.

Price: $499

*This is probably the most informative digital catalog available to book buyers.