Authors Show

Appear on The Authors Show

The Authors Show conducts internet “radio” interviews. We would submit up to 10 questions that the interviewer asks. The final professionally edited interview lasts about 12 minutes and is posted on their website, which gets around 1,000 visitors per day.

You receive an exact copy of your interview as it was broadcast on the show page in an mp3 file format, with the licensing right to post it on your website, or use it in your blog or RSS feed, in any way you desire.

  • Archiving and Links: your interview is archived in the show page player for 6 months after the original free broadcast and is available for on‐demand listening 24/7.
  • Reruns: your interview will periodically rebroadcast during the 6 months’ archiving, either randomly during the week or for full weekends (3 days Fri‐Sat‐Sun).

Price: $499

*Note: Video interviews are also available and can be conducted from their production studio in Phoenix, AZ, or via webcam. If you’d like to explore this option, we can discuss that.