Reviews, Interviews & Advertising Options

There are a number of potential advertising opportunities, from large national magazines to genre-specific websites and blogs. These can range from brief, text-based ads to large, multi-imaged banners. Similarly, there are countless sources for book reviews that Inkwater can approach for you. Reviewers should be approached early—the earlier the better—as positive comments can be used on marketing materials and will make the book stand out. Of course, there is no guarantee of a glowing review, but such professional blurbs are incredibly useful.

We can research and advise on the best potential advertising space and most appropriate book reviewers.

Here is a listing of established options to consider:

Reviews, Interviews and Advertising Options

The Library Resources Group E-Newsletter

Publisher’s Weekly Select

The New York Review of Books

Cinema 21 Movie Screen Ad

Digital Book Today

The Authors Show


Reader’s Circle

First Chapter Plus

Portland Book Review

San Francisco Book Review

Clarion Review

Luxury Reading

Blue Ink Review


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