Inkwater Press

Publishing Services

Our dynamic team of experts works together on each project, in collaboration with the author, dependent upon their specific needs. Inkwater provides professional editing, cover and interior design, distribution guidance, custom websites, and marketing services. We provide these services either individually, or collectively, as a complete publication package. Call us today to find out how Inkwater can help with your publishing project.


Inkwater editors perform three types of editing—copyediting, line editing, and developmental editing. The kind of editing your manuscript needs will be determined by a sample edit. Changes are made using Track Changes in Microsoft Word and then submitted to the author for approval before the book moves on to the design process.

Inkwater editors also offer tutorials for authors who are looking to improve their craft. This hourly service is for all levels—whether you already have a manuscript or are just beginning to tell your story. Topics are customized to the author’s needs, and can range from the basics of grammar and mechanics to deeper issues like creating engaging characters, building tension in a scene, or writing effective dialogue.

Inkwater’s editors will help you improve your manuscript to meet the highest literary standards—whether or not you intend to publish with us. Inkwater editors also offer ghostwriting services for all kinds of books. If you have an idea for a book but not the time or desire to write it, please contact us for more information.


Custom Cover Design

We can create a professional cover design for your book or multiple covers if you prefer more options. We can use stock photos or images provided by you. The image you have in mind might include merging or layering multiple images, extensive image manipulation, or creation of a unique image altogether.

Custom Interior Design

Don’t cut corners when it comes to interior design. Our team will design the interior to meet all the professional guidelines of traditional publishing. If you have specific customized features in mind, the designer will be happy to work with you to meet your expectations. Enhanced custom features might include use of multiple fonts, bordering, color shading of the background, or image embellishments to enhance the interior.

Other Design Services

  • eBook Design/Conversion
  • Handbook, Booklet, and Mini-book Design
  • Marketing and Publicity Materials
  • Website Development
  • Logo and Branding Designs
  • CD/DVD Labels, Interior Booklet, and Packaging



Inkwater will help you setup your own account with a printer/distributor with the ability to reach national and international retailers. With industry-insider knowledge we can help guide your publication journey. Depending on your goals we can help you make your book more attractive to book stores, help you earn more money per sale, and even help you undercut industry giants and give your readers a discounted price. 

The book industry is changing on a monumental level. With Inkwater’s advice on your side, we will help you keep up with all the technological changes and advances.

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