3.4-PostersPosters are high visibility materials that can promote readings, accompany your presence at fairs, grace library and bookstore display areas, and help increase your visibility at any other event where potential customers congregate.

Standard Posters (11 x 14)
Details: Full color, glossy front, 11 x 14 poster.  Typical posters are the front cover of your book.  Customization is available upon request.
First poster is $20
Each additional poster is $10

Large Posters (24 x 36)
Details: Full color, glossy front, 24 x 36 poster
24 x 36 poster – $50 each

Event Posters (mounted on foam core)
Details:  Full color, glossy front, mounted on foam core for durability.  These are great to display next to or behind the author at reading and signing events.
11 x 14 poster – $50 each
24 x 36 poster – $175 each