Welcome to the Company Published on March 3

Welcome to the Company Published on March 3

cover.inddHumor runs rampant in a newly released satire on employee handbooks, Welcome to the Company (or what it’s really like working here).  This all-too-true book was written by corporate PR guru Eileen McVety, owner of Spot-on Writing in Philadelphia, PA. 

Set in the mythical GordenWiggins Group, Welcome to the Company  spoofs most things corporate.  Management training, affirmative action, employee benefits  and more all take a hit from the author’s incisive pen.   

Eileen McVety says her “greatest professional achievement when working for someone else was to secure an office with a computer monitor that faced away from the door, allowing her ample time to close the personal document she was working on whenever her boss walked in.” 

At Inkwater Press, we think this was time well spent if she was working on her book.

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  1. Kathy McNichol

    I found “Welcome to the Company” by Eileen McVety delightful. McVety adroitly slices through the company line to show “what it’s really like working here”. She encourages point-scoring by keeping a copy of WIRED prominently displayed on your desk, but cautions against making the proclamation that you like your coffee black. For a humorous approach, this quick-read should be the definitive primer for all new employees.

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