Twelve Quiet Men Saddles up and Gets a Great Review

The Bismarck Tribune reviewed Mike Little’s Twelve Quiet Men and found some vigilante justice could go a long way in the old west. This true story takes place in 1884, in eastern Montana and the western Dakota territories, where a group of men were tired of  losing their cattle to organized rustlers and frustrated by the lack of law enforcement. At war with the outlaws, these cowboy vigilantes organized, tracked patterns of missing horses and cattle, made a list and went to work.

The review states, “Author Michael Edward Little spent 10 years researching and writing the story and it rings true. But it’s not just a story of vigilantes and the rustlers they chased down, it’s a shoot-’em up Western with believable characters woven with authentic-sounding dialogue and detailed descriptions of the land we call home today.” Read the entire review here. The book is available from the Inkwater Press Bookstore.