Time to Market Your Book

Time to Market Your Book

Last week Publisher’s Weekly announced that the number of books produced by traditional publishers was on the rise again, increasing some 5% in 2010. This is excellent news in the face of speculation that ebooks would mean the demise of that traditionally produced book deal. The real standout number for in-print books came from non-traditional book production, which saw a 169% increase over the year, accounting for nearly 3 million new books in the marketplace. Most non-traditional books in this figure consisted of print-on-demand copies of titles in the public domain and self-published books.

The article goes on to speculate that the number of self-published titles are likely to have made up a large portion of this number, siting staggering production numbers from the industry’s biggest self-publishing companies. So with all these new books in the marketplace, what does this mean for your new non-traditional title? How can your novel or memoir stand a chance in this growing pool of authors?

While some pessimistsmight see this as an insurmountable challenge, we’d rather point out the positive. With so much attention being given to this growing sector of publishing, there are more opportunities than ever to get your book reviewed, sold, and even honored with an award. Just recently, five of our authors received awards for books that were self-published, proving that a book with a good marketing plan and excellent writing can get noticed.

Marketing efforts don’t have to  be extensive, but because of the growing number of titles in this pool of publishing it is becoming more important. Simply publishing a book isn’t enough to get your book noticed or sold. Now you have to promote yourself as an author, set up book signings, and earn reviews. Think about what your book has to say to the world and then prove to buyers it’s worth purchasing.

Many of our own authors have had some excellent success because of marketing their books. This blog is, in a way, a testament to those efforts. Take some time to review some of our most recent posts. If you’re interested in learning more about the marketing process and how to become an author with listings in publications such as the Midwest Book Review, Publisher’s Weekly, and the San Francisco Book Review then email: kim@inkwaterpress.com for information.