The Oregonian Reviews The Ingram Interview

KB Dixon, Oregon Book Award Finalist for A Painter’s Life and Inkwater author, is hard at work promoting his new book The Ingram Interview. The Oregonian recently printed a wonderful review, which does an excellent job of boiling down the book and capturing it’s charm.

The unconventional, fractured narrative has become a calling card for Dixon. “A Painter’s Life,” a 2011 Oregon Book Award finalist for fiction, is portraiture in collage: reviews, journal entries, interviews. “The Sum of His Syndromes” (a 2008 OBA finalist) is a series of notes scrawled in a restroom. “Andrew (A to Z)” renders its storyline via alphabetized topic headings.

Yet “The Ingram Interview’s” fractures cohere into an engaging impression of a man cut adrift from his known world of health, youth, work and family.

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