The Days Go So Slow by Nicasio Latasa

Inkwater author Nicasio Latasa has released his latest novel The Days Go So Slow. The story line follows a young man named Curren. He is an anomaly of sorts; part misanthropic loner and part star athlete, with a yearning heart. He is about to graduate from college, and his future is mapped out for him: Follow his athletic skill into a professional baseball career or enroll in law school. Success is guaranteed, but he desires neither path. He’s felt disconnected from most of the world since as far back as he can remember. He feels he fits in nowhere. A profound emptiness often consumes him and brings him to question his existence on the planet. Why is he here at all? The book came be purchased on, in both paperback and eBook format, and of course here in the Inkwater Bookstore. perf5.500x8.500.indd