Spirit Unbroken Featured in The Columbian

Spirit Unbroken, by Rick and Alice Garlock
Spirit Unbroken, by Rick and Alice Garlock

Inkwater Press publication Spirit Unbroken: The Two Sides of Love recently appeared in Clark County, Washington’s The Columbian.  The article provides a quick synopsis of Spirit Unbroken, which details Alice Garlock’s tragic, yet inspiring life story, from her childhood growing up with what she calls an “abusive alcoholic,” through her mother’s departure, her own escape, and her reconnection with her Japanese maternal family years later.  Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Garlock describes her father as an abusive alcoholic. He met her Japanese mother during the Korean War. The couple had a toddler and her mother was pregnant with Garlock when she came to the U.S. to join her husband.

Garlock said her mother endured the marriage for 15 years before she took action to get out. Garlock’s father allowed her mother to leave, but insisted that she sever all ties to the family and leave the children with him.

Without their mother, Garlock said she and her siblings were forced to cope with poverty, isolation and abuse. Garlock ran away from home at 17 and eventually married and had her own family. But, she longed for deeper ties to her past and eventually found a way to track down her maternal family in Japan.”

You can find the full article at The Columbian’s website.  To order Spirit Unbroken, visit our online bookstore at InkwaterBooks.com.