S.W. Capps Listed as a Finalist for the Eric Hoffer Award

Here are Inkwater Press, we’re literally running out of creative ways to list our award-winning authors. So here we are again announcing another book that stands above the rest: Train in the Distance by S.W. Capps.

Train in the Distance is a political thriller of sorts, following its protagonist, Stacy, through his first experiences as a journalist. At first, Stacy is seduced by the excitement of his job, but then a series of arsons rips through the state, setting off a cascade of events in which Stacy must face the truth about the fires, his coworkers, crooked cops, and ultimately, the truth about himself.

Less than 10% of nominated books are selected as finalists for this prestigious award. Congratulations to S.W. Capps, and Train in the Distance.