Roll Over Hitler! by Dan Brown

Roll Over Hitler! by Dan Brown When Myron “Ron” Goldberg stumbles onto the rallying cry “No more pork!” during the final presidential debate, he doesn’t realize the phrase will capture the imagination of an angry electorate. Catapulted to victory by the narrowest of margins, this first Jewish President faces a country suspicious of a leader who takes the oath of office with his hand on a Torah instead of a Bible. Though hailed by many in the media as “the Jewish Kennedy,” his kingdom dubbed “the kosher Camelot,” Goldberg runs headlong into a first term fraught with both blatant and underhanded anti-Semitism, blackmail, dirty tricks, and charges of nepotism. Will Goldberg be able to unveil the centerpiece of his agenda: a disarmament plan that will either rid the world of nuclear weapons, or end life on Earth as we know it? Set in the near future, Roll Over, Hitler! dissects the absurdity of politics with a razor sharp wit. An award-winning advertising writer, Dan Brown’s also the creator of the greeting card company, Jewish FunnyBone. He lives in Westboro, Massachusetts with his wife and Cairn Terrier. He has three children and four grandchildren. Roll Over Hitler! is his first novel.