Press Release: The American Dream by Victoria Whitlock

The American Dream by Victoria Whitlock
The American Dream by Victoria Whitlock
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For Immediate Release Contact: Colleen Welch (503) 968-6777 Portland, OR – August 28, 2008: Parrottsville, Tennessee resident Victoria Whitlock’s son was a Marine who served two tours in Iraq before he was killed in an automobile accident just before his third deployment. How did Ms. Whitlock respond to her son’s tragic death? “After a year of rage, I started writing,” she says. “It was my way of climbing out of the well.” Inkwater Press is pleased to announce the release of the resulting novel, The American Dream.

The American Dream follows sweethearts Andy Parsons and Cam Trantham. Of their childhood in the Appalachians, Andy recalls, “The same rain fell on us and the same sunshine warmed our bodies as we went from chubby-cheeked, blond-headed kids to gangly, awkward adolescents.” Inseparable from third grade on, everyone assumes that Cam and Andy will live the rest of their storybook lives together.

But their fairy tale romance darkens when Cam suddenly disappears in tenth grade. Andy’s life is put on hold; she reflects, “…I guess I’ve been skipping through life ever since, sort of like pushing the button to skip to the next track on a CD, one that is easier to listen to… one that doesn’t remind you of something you’re trying to forget.” The American Dream opens twenty-one years after Cam’s disappearance, with their chance reunion in a coastal Brazilian town, where Cam smuggles for the same drug czar that employs Andy as a teacher. The novel’s intricate structure reveals Cam and Andy’s tender past as they revisit the memories themselves, while the thrilling present action simultaneously propels the reader forward. Can Cam and Andy’s love overcome time and Cam’s intense drug addiction, or is a happy-ever-after ending impossible?

Ms. Whitlock says, “After my son’s death my life was erased. I had lost my American dream and I was forced to step back and rewrite my own version. Most of us go through life believing that if we work hard, play fair and have faith that we will obtain that elusive fairy tale of the American dream, but life can be cruel. It’s important to realize that we all have the opportunity to define our existence, to set our priorities and be true to our own hearts… that is inner freedom, a very personal American dream that we all have within our grasp.”

The author is available for interviews, by telephone or in person, depending on location. For more information, email Colleen Welch at, or call 503-968-6777.