Press Release:  Southern Frost by Andrew Jones

Press Release: Southern Frost by Andrew Jones

Southern Frost by Andrew Jones
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Colleen Welch (503) 968-6777 Portland, OR – August 22, 2008: As any artist will tell you, the moment of inspiration is divine. That’s certainly the case for Pennsylvanian author Andrew Jones, who received a thunderbolt of inspiration and had a dramatic Shakespearean final scene flash before his eyes. Jones spent the next seven years working backwards, inventing the path leading to that scene. Inkwater Press is pleased to present the resulting debut novel, Southern Frost. Southern Frost’s opening is as intense as its conclusion: Klan members brutally attack and murder August Montgomery’s new bride. While struggling to cope with his overwhelming grief, August is inspired to dedicate his life to ministry. He follows his calling to Philadelphia, and studies at the historic St. Charles of Borromeo Seminary. Having been tested many times during his extraordinary journey, Montgomery faces his greatest challenge when he returns to his hometown, Raleigh, North Carolina, this time as a spiritual leader. There, he confronts his own heartbreaking memories, and the deep-seated bigotry that created them. For Jones, Southern Frost is about the “struggle between the desire to live in hope and get beyond pain, versus seeking out ‘justice’ or revenge. August gets through his grief in a meaningful way, ultimately shifting perceptions and changing hearts.” A thrilling story of faith, redemption, and forgiveness, Southern Frost challenges readers to consider a universal question: Can painful experiences be transformed into meaningful change? The author is available for interviews, by telephone or in person, depending on location. For more information, contact Colleen Welch at 503-968-6777.