Pacific Book Review covers Me and Bobby McGee

Pacific Book Review covers Me and Bobby McGee

 We always knew Chad Coenson’s debut novel, Me and Bobby McGee, was something special, but now the trend is catching on. Pacific Book Review has recently covered Chad’s book and their review is absolutely glowing!

Here are a few excerpts:

Chad Coenson created a witty and wild novel involving booze, women, gambling, kidnapping and yes, sex and violence, plus the daily hangover into a fast moving “guy novel.” He used a cool way with words that only the narration of a man’s inner most thoughts would expose. If this would become a movie, I would envision Chad to cast someone like Uma Thurman as Bobby, the femme fataleas he puts it, with a Mickey Rourke or Bruce Willis (as long as they gave him hair) protagonist, Keesey Chypher. Keesey is an ex-CIA trained assassin turned drunk. The star of the novel is tequila, with the co-star being a beer chaser. Seriously this book is not recommended reading for recovering alcoholics!

This book is a surprise from the start. It’s a great book to throw into your carry-on bag and open on a chaise lounge by a swimming pool or to page while waiting in an airport or on a plane.  If you have a friend graduating school – get him this for a gift. Besides the engulfing enjoyment, it may steer him away from the swinging door entrance to a sleazy local watering hole, especially if the lure of a woman to beautiful to logically be there is baited inside.  In Keesey’s famous words, “Make mine a Jack with a beer chaser.”

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