Online Book Covers Come to Life with Inkwater MagicBox

Online Book Covers Come to Life with Inkwater MagicBox


PORTLAND, OR, March 19, 2014 — Like the inanimate monster in Mary Shelley’s famous novel, most book covers just lie there … flat, not moving. Until now. The doctor has arrived to bring a little excitement to sleepy websites.

Inkwater, creative author services provider, announced the launching of their Inkwater MagicBox™ technology, which creates interactive, 3-D covers for online display. Website visitors can rotate the covers 360° “as well as ‘fly’ over the book,” according to John Williams, Inkwater Marketing Director.

Inkwater MagicBox“The book market is so competitive today, we felt authors needed a way to get their book covers noticed,” says Jeremy Solomon, president and founder of Inkwater. With over a quarter-century’s experience in the publishing world, Solomon stresses the need for taking advantage of cutting-edge marketing tools in today’s marketplace. “Inkwater MagicBox offers authors the opportunity to have an eye-catching feature enhance their websites, electronic press releases, and emails.”

Aware of the challenges independent authors face in the ever-changing publishing landscape, Inkwater provides professional-level services to authors during every step of the publishing process. “Authors need to utilize ‘sticky content’ to attract and retain readers,” recommends Williams. He goes on to say that replacing a flat-static cover with an interactive, 3-D cover means that visitors will stay longer on an author’s website.

Inkwater MagicBoxInkwater MagicBox technology is “like pulling a book off the shelf at a store. You can hold it, flip it over, and examine every side,” says Williams. In that most book covers are only viewed for a half-second or so, the extended length of exposure provided by an interactive 3-D cover gives authors a distinctive marketing edge.

With Inkwater MagicBox technology, the 3-D books are created to the same dimensions as the physical book. eBooks are displayed within phone, tablet, or computer screen environments (by karen). Other non-book products, such as CDs, DVDs, coffee mugs, mobile apps, virtual business cards, pieces of art, and more the Inkwater MagicBox touch.

“It’s alive!” — Victor Frankenstein.

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