OMG we love it: Stephanie Snowe’s fans on Meeting Mr. Wrong

OMG we love it: Stephanie Snowe’s fans on Meeting Mr. Wrong

“Don’t email me if you want a supermodel.  I’m twenty-two, divorced, and I have twins.  I’m also overweight, unattractive, and have no education to speak of.  I’m pretty much not going to bring anything to the table except the fact that I’m pretty nice and won’t ask you to pay my bills.  Here’s my email address.  Don’t email if you’re full of it.”

With this ad, Stephanie Snowe relaunched herself into the world of dating – and then wrote a book about it.  Inkwater Press will publish Meeting Mr. Wrong: The Romantic Misadventures of a Southern Belle on February 3.  You can preorder Meeting Mr. Wrong through popular on-line retailers for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. 

Reactions to the book’s cover have been overwhelmingly positive from Ms. Snowe’s  Facebook friends and blog fans (

I will DEFINITELY be buying a copy (or two).  Congratulations!

Seriously, I cannot tell you how much I LOVE that cover!  the snail and the tape dispenser–now that’s just GENIUS!

O M G  I love it!!!! The title is great and omg the pic is tooo cute.  I’ve added your book to my list of books to get.  Make sure to let us know when it comes out!!

LOL!!! I love it.  This is great.  I can NOT wait to read it.

We love the book too — REALLY!


  1. Lee Rowe

    I don’t even have the first book in my hands and I am already yearning for a second one. I have relayed so many of her stories to friends and family, THEY are almost as anxious to get the book as I am!

  2. Denise

    I got a copy of “Mr. Wrong” from your cousin while I was in Iraq. I is an awesome read. I can’t wait to get the next one.

    Been there done that. You go girl!

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