Mark Ellis, Author of Ladder Memory, is Featured in Newspaper Q&A

In his memoir, Ladder Memories, Inkwater author Mark Ellis recounts his 37-year career as a painter, describing some of  more unique jobs and clients he worked with. Mark was recently featured in an extensive Q&A in the Southwest Community Connection, published in Portland, Oregon.

When asked how many houses he painted, Mark said, “The first painting job I had was for a property management company in Berkeley, Calif. I’ll never forget it, because the foreman on the project had the radio turned to the Watergate hearings – the beginning of the end of the Nixon Administration. That was 1973, 37 years ago, so if you figure 50 houses, interior and exterior, per year on average, which is probably low, that’s more than 2,200 homes or businesses.” That’s enough experience to make for some good stories.

Mark summarizes the book by saying, “These stories scrape the knuckles and get under the fingernails. I bring authenticity and discovery to my exploration of the experiences of a house painter and to the entrapments, frailties and indomitable spirits of those living and working in the structures I painted.”  You can buy the book here.