Madisonville Wins the Great Northwest Book Festival!

Madisonville Wins the Great Northwest Book Festival!

In March 2017, novelist J.A. Huff released Madisonville and watched the reviews roll in: “One hell of a ride,” the Seattle Book Review called it. “A popcorn movie in novel form.”

Now, J.A. Huff adds grand prize winner to his list of accolades. Watch the book trailer and read his synopsis for Madisonville now!

“Something isn’t right at Madisonville, Idaho’s most secluded penitentiary for its hardened criminals, and prisoners keep disappearing. Six college students are sentenced to Madisonville after almost getting away with the perfect crime. After a few short weeks behind bars, the six men awake in a meadow with no recollection of how they got there. These convicts are left with only meager supplies and a note: ‘You are being hunted.’ So begins this epic battle in the mountains of Idaho and the ultimate game of survival.”

Read an excerpt at his landing page here or purchase Madisonville directly from the Inkwater bookstore!

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