K. B. Dixon’s book The Ingram Interview is reviewed by critic extraordinaire Bob Hicks on ArtScatter.com

Bob Hicks, esteemed arts writer, editor and critic, writes “The pleasures in Dixon’s novel come mostly from the perverse mundanity of Ingram’s self-revelation as he unrolls his laconic story”.

Hicks describes Dixon as a “brittle writer, and this is a brittle book. But when it cracks, it’s a good idea to listen: It’s the sound of civilization, quietly if provisionally breaking apart.” Hicks retired in 2007 after several decades writing about theater, dance, visual arts, movies, music and food for The Oregonian and The Oregon Journal. ArtScatter.com is a website dedicated to cultural materials and the meaning and purpose reflected in the creation and observation of art. To read the entire review click here.