Jack Engelhard says Inkwater author John “Cassell Belongs at the Top”

Jack Engelhard says Inkwater author John “Cassell Belongs at the Top”

Uncertain Paradise:1973 CoverInkwater author John Cassell’s body of work is rather stunning when you see it on the shelf.  After all, he’s written no fewer than seven books.  His latest tome, Uncertain Paradise: 1973 Part 2– The Latter Days, could finally bring this author the attention he deserves.

Author Jack Engelhard recently posted a glowing review of Cassel’s latest opus at Gather.com.  It is difficult to choose just one quote from this well-written, engaging review, but here’s one gem:

Buy ANY of Cassell’s books to find out what real writing looks like.

This one had me trapped from page one. There’s so much going on in this novel, but it’s narrated so clearly that despite all the fireworks, you’re in there at all times with the main character, who happens to be Cassell. This writer fearlessly uses himself since every man, as we know, is a universe. This means we get to share Cassell’s strengths and weaknesses, his fears and gallantry – all in time of war.

Click here to read the review in its entirety, or here to order John’s latest book.  Congrats from all of us at Inkwater, John!


  1. John Cassell

    No… Inkwater’s quality materials, formatting and artistry have added to everything I’ve done! I meant to add that I have had eight books published by you. AN AQUARIAN TRAGEDY was written under a pen name though.

    Give my best to all!

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