J. R. Mackenzie, Author of A Temptation Tale, is Interviewed in The Portland Press Herald

Father Tom, a parish cat, is the star of J. R. Mackenzie’s book, A Tempation Tale. Father Tom even has a blog. (Who says cats can’t write.) Mackenzie, a freelance writer and former television news reporter, anchor and talk-show host, took some time away from working on her second novel in the series to be interviewed by The Portland Press Hearld. When asked how long it took to write the book, she said, “It took about three years to finalize it. Then, about two years ago, I started to go to writers’ conferences so that I could prepare the novel for its eventual debut. One of the things that is emphasized is social networking. When I got home, I got on Twitter. I tried to find a web designer, which I did. She’s wonderful. She’s an author also, so she’s very patient. Got the website going, got Twitter going. Didn’t do Facebook so much early on. By this time, the manuscript was done, the characters were there. The parish cat, Father Tom — why didn’t I have a blog for him, and then we can start establishing interest in his life and what he’s doing with other cat lovers? I only post once a week. We now have over 100 followers for his blog — cat lovers and Catholics. Read the full review here.