Interview: Sharron Ann Sibley

Interview: Sharron Ann Sibley

When and how did your journey with this book begin?

This journey started for me at a very young age. In my twenties, I spoke with an astrologist, who captured my attention when she said, “You are wise for your age—however, no matter what age you are, no one will truly believe your wisdom.” That comment has stayed with me. I had a long journey to prove my knowledge and wisdom had been achieved. That path led me to think early about writing my story, especially when my “designer husband” walked out on me. With no education, no job or skills, and two young boys to raise, my story became very real to me. The journey with my book had begun!

What do you hope Readers will take away from this book?

My hope is that this book will set a path for other women to follow, and that it will show them that their strength and dreams of accomplishment are not only desirable but can be achieved. Regardless of age, economic level, education, or number of hungry mouths to feed, every woman has the power and ability to make breakthrough changes and achieve any goal they set their mind to. I want to inspire women to reach for the stars.

How did publishing your first book change your relationship with your writing?

With my memoir, Men, Money, & Gypsy Blood, the realization came to me that the writing had to come from my heart and soul. Since I grew up without computers, the best method of learning for me was to write by hand. Upon studying for the stockbroker’s Series 7 and Series 24 licensing exams, I wrote out pages and pages of notes. This process of handwritten information and inscriptions resulted in more concise thinking, an increased vocabulary, and an improved thought process. My future writing will include these learned characteristics.

What was an early experience in which you learned that language had power?

Language is knowledge being expressed.

Therefore, language is power.

One evening, my father and I were discussing increasing education, language, and knowledge. We agreed that knowledge is power, and the goal was to have people wanting to know what you knew. When I told stories about stocks to members of my women’s investment clubs, they gained power through knowledge. That was my observation through their growth toward financial security.

Do you have a favorite quote or mantra?

“With courage you will dare to take risks, have the strength to be compassionate, and the wisdom to be humble. Courage is the foundation of integrity.”

—Mark Twain

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About the book

Deserted by her husband. Divorced twice. Widowed twice. Declared bankruptcy. Single mother of two young boys. No college education, savings, or job. Sound like the recipe for financial success and a rewarding career?

Men, Money & Gypsy Blood is a coming-of-age story expressed as only a West Texas girl can tell it. A 1960s teen, Sharron Ann Sibley expected to be a perfect wife with a loving husband who would support her financially. Her dream came crashing down when she was only 27. She survived by working demeaning jobs and putting up with sexual harassment. Her ability to see beyond the present led her to prosper despite life’s adversities and broken dreams. She thrived, becoming one of the first women in Texas to own her own stock brokerage firm. This is a true story of what determination and gypsy blood can do!

About Sharron Ann Sibley

Sharron Ann Sibley is a retired stockbroker whose popular lectures on finding freedom through finance have inspired generations of women to work hard and work smart. She founded her own minority-owned brokerage firm (WMB) of twenty-five financial reps in three offices, and was responsible for placing millions of dollars in Buy and Sell orders on Wall Street, as well as founding many investment clubs for women. 

In recognition for her service to clients looking to expand their portfolios through investing, Sharron Ann has received multiple awards for her success. It is her most heartfelt belief that every woman can realize her potential by creating a solid financial future through wise investments. 

When Sharron Ann isn’t at her lovely home in Abilene, Texas, playing with her beloved Goldendoodle, Augee, she is traveling the country, suitcase in one hand, plane ticket in the other. She is the mother of two sons, grandmother of two, and has a sassy, Texas attitude that can conquer all. 

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