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Inkwater Press® proudly announces the newest release of their Inkwater Classics collection: Peter Pan. Each volume of a beloved classic is beautifully designed to be a delight for the eyes as well as the imagination. Sumptuous details such as designs meant to be viewed on the outer edges of the pages, a velvety feel to the covers, and faux leather-looking spines will make you proud to have each and every one of these books in your collection.

Peter Pan

J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan first captured audiences on the stage in 1904. Barrie then rewrote the play into a children’s novel titled Peter and Wendy in 1911. This is that story, beautifully redesigned to once again bring the magical land of Neverland to life and to tell of the bold adventures of the boy Peter.

Wendy Darling loves her life in the nursery with her brothers, Michael and John, and their nurse, a Newfoundland dog named Nana. And then there is Peter. Every child knows Peter. Of course they do. He lives with the fairies, pirates, and Indians on his island of Neverland, where no one ever grows up.

One night he comes to the Darlings’ nursery with the irresistible offer to take Wendy, Michael, and John away with him. To get to Neverland, Peter will teach them to fly. What adventure-loving child could resist?

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The Hound of the Baskervilles

Written in 1901—after an eight years hiatus from the Holmes stories—Sir Arthur Conan Doyle worked with Bertram Fletcher Robinson, journalist from the Daily Express, on this installment of the Holmes canon.

Sherlock Holmes’ greatest adventure awaits him and Dr. Watson in Dartmoor. The devil‘s own hound is said to lurk in the deep shadows of the moor, and its target is the owners of Baskerville Hall.

The curse over Baskerville Hall has claimed the life of the most recent owner, and now the new master has been threatened. It is up to Holmes and Watson to untangle the clues that all point to a supernatural origin. Could the hound really be the vengeful spirit of doom set upon the house of Baskerville, or is it the plotting of a most devious mind bent on leaving a trail of blood and bodies?

Fun fact#1: As a part of a 1902 promotional campaign for American booksellers, Doyle’s original manuscript of the book was broken up into individual leaves. Out of an estimated 185–190 leaves, only 36 are known to still exist. Click here to see page 2 which contains a variation on Holmes’ most famous quote: “Interesting, though elementary.”

Fun fact#2 : The primary text font used for this book is called Baskerville.

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Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen’s classic novel of romance and wit, was originally published in 1813. It has since become one of her most beloved works.

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife,” and the Miss Bennets are poised to make their matches. Indomitable Elizabeth Bennet is determined to marry for love, but can she find someone who will make her happy, someone to equal her in spirit and wit? From laughable Mr. Collins to genial Mr. Wickham, Elizabeth faces the challenges of Regency-era romance with fortitude. But none are so vexing to her as those brought by the condescending and resolute, and wealthy, Mr. Darcy.

The obstacles of pride and prejudice threaten the happy endings of all involved. But hearts sometimes soften and opinions can change. The Bennet sisters might still attain their hopes and desires. And Elizabeth may yet find a man who can win her hand and, more importantly, her heart.

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