Inkwater Press Signs Hilarious New Dating Memoir

Inkwater Press Signs Hilarious New Dating Memoir

Inkwater Press is excited to be publishing Stephanie Snowe’s debut work, tentatively titled It’s Not You, It’s Your Mom: The Romantic Misadventures of a Southern Belle.  Ms. Snowe describes the book as “a humorous look at the world of internet dating and all the perils and pitfalls that come along with looking for love after Prince Charming turns out to be a frog.”

Here’s a seasonal sneak preview of It’s Not You, It’s Your Mom: The Romantic Misadventures of a Southern Belle, just in time for Thanksgiving. The following excerpt appears just after the sudden departure of Ms. Snowe’s first husband.

“Oddly enough, I didn’t miss him. Not really. When he left me, it was hard at first. Good Lord was it hard. The announcement was made on Thanksgiving morning and I then had to sit through a family dinner and pretend that nothing was wrong while I was dying inside. Dying. If anyone ever deserved an Academy Award for their performance it wasn’t some two-bit actress with a cocaine problem and an undeserved sense of self-importance. It was me. And the worst part? I didn’t even get any pecan pie that day. Not even one piece. And I freaking love pecan pie.”

From all of us here at Inkwater Press, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving, and a slice of your preferred pie.

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  1. You have done a great thing by signing Stephanie! She is one of the best writers I have ever had the pleasure to read (and I read tons). I look forward to purchasing her first, most assuredly not last, work.

  2. Wendy Stoveland

    I am so looking forward to this book. I’ve been reading Stephanie’s blog for some time now and I’m always amazed at her ability to put complex emotions into words and simultaneously tug your heartstrings and make you laugh.

  3. Lake

    I didn’t find the “hilarious” part. Carrie Fisher and Chelsea Handler she ain’t. There are so many dating/divorce books, so many funny blogs and essays about the on-line mating search scene. I see no originality here, and I see cliches. But maybe I’m wrong. Yes, it’s possible I am wrong. The totality of the book might be better. Maybe she’s as funny as Sedaris or Eggers or even Barry. Or maybe she’s as glib as Hillary Clinton.

  4. I am so, so excited to read this book! Stephanie Snowe’s style is lively and refreshing and I can’t wait to curl up with her book and alternately giggle and weep.

    All my gal pals will so be getting a copy of it for their birthday’s this year.

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