Inkwater Author Larry Postaer Gets a Review in Shoot, The Bible for the World of Film Production

For Larry Postaer, it’s been a time to reflect on the advertising business—prompted in part by his 50-year anniversary in the business, and brought home by the release of his book, “Pickett, Plunkett and Puckett. My 50 Years in Advertising.” Pickett, Plunkett and Puckett were his first “clients” as part of his senior year ad sales curriculum at the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism. The Shoot article provides a summary of Postaer’s book and career, and offers how the advertising business has chaged over the years.

The article states, “A lot has changed in Postaer’s 50 years in the ad biz. He noted that the computer has impacted advertising perhaps more than any other industry, “with the exception of NASA and space exploration.”  Some of that impact has been positive—for one, it’s meant that ad creatives need to be smarter, with their expertise having to span more than TV, radio and print, extending into the brave new online and social media world, and integrating communication across those platforms.”