Inkwater April 2016 Top Sellers

Inkwater April 2016 Top Sellers


Inkwater Press April 2016 Top Sellers

Congratulations to the following authors for being the top sellers in April 2016.

#1 Visioning an Equitable World: Reflections on Women, Democracy, Education, and Economic Development

Irene TinkerBy Irene Tinker

This volume traces my intellectual journey from my 1949 Radcliffe College honors thesis for political theory and comparative government, to two chapters in major reference books published in 2014, which summarize my work in the field of women and development. The topics in most of my publications concern contemporary issues and debates which began with a concern for democracy and led to my thesis on the Political Liberalism of Jacques Maritain and Reinhold Niebuhr. Their philosophies were so contemporary that I found my best sources were informed individuals rather than books in the library. I interviewed a Congregational minister who introduced me to Niebuhr himself. My mentor on Maritain was a Jesuit priest whom I met in the library stacks.

Similarly, when I began research for my doctoral dissertation for the London School of Economics on India’s first general elections in 1951-52, I was informed that the topic was not scholarly enough for the faculty of the Delhi School of Economics where I had registered. Once again my sources were outside academia. Most useful were briefings by the Electoral Commission and discussions with the many press correspondents from all parts of India and from abroad who were covering the elections.

ISBN: 978-1-62901-320-6
Pages: 660
Binding: Paperback, Kindle
Trim Size: 6.69 x 9.61
Price: $28.95

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#2 The Moon Divas Guidebook: Spirited Self-Care for Women in Transition

Lara VestaBy Lara Vesta with Deva Munay

An essential toolkit for women in all stages of life transitions, the Moon Divas Guidebook offers accessible, fun and interactive support. Whether you are changing careers, beginning or ending a relationship, parenting, healing, grieving, birthing, graduating or longing to create your best, most possible life, Lara and Deva have developed self-care and sustenance practices to nurture positive, proactive transformation.

PLUS: Art and writing prompts, delicious seasonal recipes, garden remedies, cyclic celebrations, community creation tips and MORE!

ISBN: 978-1-59299-830-2
Pages: 172
Binding: Paperback
Trim Size: 8.5 x 11
Price: $19.95

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#3 Mason Bees for the Backyard Gardener

Sherian A WrightBy Sherian A. Wright

In the beginning…it was all about the honeybee, but there’s another bee out there that deserves equal ” if not more ” recognition. A true native American, she is called the mason bee (scientific name: Osmia lignaria). She does not produce honey, but she is a master pollinator whose skills far exceed those of the honeybee. If you’ve got fruit trees and want more fruit, then this is the bee for you!

Mason Bees for the Backyard Gardener contains wonderful color photographs and illustrations. Step-by-step instructions get you started, choosing between an almost no-work method to a more involved method of winterizing your bees. In an era when people are asking “What’s happening to the bees?” this book is indeed timely by focusing on a bee that requires no special equipment for its “beekeeping” criteria.

This book contains information on:

  • What they look like
  • Why they’re important
  • How to find them
  • How to manage them
  • How to create a habitat

ISBN: 978-1-59299-461-8
Pages: 60
Binding: Paperback (full-color)
Trim Size: 8.5 x 8.5
Price: $23.95

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