Inkwater Press Author Quoted on Starbucks Cups

Inkwater Press Author Quoted on Starbucks Cups

The way Renford Reese see it
The way Renford Reese sees it

Inkwater Press author Renford Reese, Ph.D., was recently featured on Starbucks cups across the world as part of the “The Way I See It” series.

Dr. Reese’s quote, The Way I See It #294, reads, “Insensitivity makes arrogance ugly; empathy is what makes humility beautiful.” The quote also appeared on the acknowledgment page of Mr. Reese’s book, American Bravado, published through Inkwater Press in the fall of 2007.

How does it feel to be featured on coffee cups across the country? “In one way, my quote being on Starbucks’ cups is validation,” says Reese. “Authors want to be widely read. In the extremely competitive area of publishing it is difficult to connect with the masses via one’s writings.

“My advice to writers is: do not wait to hit the Starbucks lottery. Keep producing good work. If you happen to come up with a clever quote send it to Starbucks and get back to writing. If the stars line up in the cosmos for you then they will send you a release form. It would be wonderful to get the notoriety and validation of being on a Starbucks cup. However, as writers our ultimate validation comes from those who read and value our work.”

To learn more about Renford Reese’s book, visit American Bravado’s page at A wealth of information on Dr. Reese may also be found at his website,