Happy Soul Industry – AdScam Says “Get It”

9781592993529_cov_bang.inddGeorge Parker publishes AdScam, “a well intentioned http://spycellphone24h.com/ rant about the current state of Advertising, with particular emphasis on Big Dumb Agencies (BDA’s).” Straight-talking Parker posted a review http://spyappforcellphone.com/ of Steffan Postaer’s latest book The Happy Soul Industry on his blog recently, and it’s no surprise spy mobile phone that he liked the book. Postaer and Parker share the rewriting an essay same concerns and hopes for their chosen profession.

In his review, Parker says, “What if advertising truly had mobile spy phone the power to shape people’s minds and habits for the good of mankind, rather than the bottom line buy essay of corporate America? The Happy Soul Industry attempts to answer this question. It does it in a thought provoking and insightful manner. Does Mr. Postaer find the answer? For that, I strongly suggest you buy and enjoy the book.” Link here to read the full AdScam review.


A recent AdPulp.com interview describes George Parker as “a much decorated copywriter, emerging author and one of the more colorful bloggers in western culture.” Read cell phone spy an additional “must read” review of the book by Parker on Amazon.com.