Getting Lost Travel Writing Contest Winner Announced

Getting Lost Travel Writing Contest Winner Announced

Margaret Hopkins, winner of Getting Lost Travel Writing Contest
Margaret Hopkins, winner of the Getting Lost Travel Writing Contest

Inkwater Press and Dave Fox are proud to announce that Margaret Hopkins of Brookfield, Illinois is the winner of the Getting Lost Travel Contest.

The Getting Lost Travel Contest invited writers to submit stories of their worst travel experiences.  Inkwater Press received submissions on such far-flung destinations as Paris, Prague, and Kazakhstan.   As is the case for many of the most memorable travel stories, Ms. Hopkin’s winning entry focuses on the journey, rather than the destination, and describes her exceptionally unfortunate airline experience.

Author Dave Fox certainly has experience turning his travel horror stories into comedy gold.  His first book, Getting Lost: Mishaps of an Accidental Nomad is a collection of self-deprecatingly funny stories about moments of international near-disaster. Getting Lost begins when, at age eight, Dave moves to England and nearly starts a riot in Northern Africa. As a nerdy teenager, he inadvertently smuggles illegal radio equipment into Finland on his way to spending a year in Norway. In his college days, he discovers it is not wise to seek inner peace inside an Icelandic volcano, narrowly misses being stripped, gassed, and robbed (at least in his own head) on an overnight train through Italy, and finds himself surrounded by machine gun-toting cops in Greece.

Globejotting by Dave Fox
Globejotting by Dave Fox

His second book, Globejotting: How to Write Extraordinary Travel Journals (and still have time to enjoy your trip!), is an informative and irreverently funny tool for learning to:

  • Bring destinations to life with bold details.
  • Splash those details quickly onto your pages so journaling doesn’t gobble up your precious vacation time.
  • Elude your “Inner Censor” and write with confidence.
  • Weave together your “outer” and “inner” journeys, using unfamiliar places as a backdrop for self-discovery.

Dave shares his favorite journaling techniques, shows how to find time to write in the middle of an exciting trip, and infuses it all with a generous dose of his off-the-wall humor.

Learn more at Dave Fox’s website, where you can also read Ms. Hopkin’s entry in its entirety.

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