Four Amazing Inkwater Authors

Four Amazing Inkwater Authors

Recently, we’ve had so much great press on our authors it’s been hard to keep up. Rather than bog you down with four posts, which basically all say, “Our authors are great!” I thought I’d post four outstanding pieces of press on four  outstanding authors.

Dina McQueen, Finding Aster

The San Francisco Book Reviewis among the top book reviewing sites in the country. This week, they chose to feature Inkwater author, Dina McQueen, and her debut memoir Finding Aster. Here’s what the review had to say:

The path to parenthood is not set in stone. For people deciding to start a family, there are so many options, especially with today’s advanced scientific approaches. In Finding Aster: an Ethiopian Adoption Story, Dina McQueen bravely and beautifully describes the factors that helped shape her choice to adopt. McQueen’s choice to adopt was largely influenced by infertility issues, and the story is a helpful resource for people in similar situations.  But her story is so universal that this is a must-read for those starting out on the path to parenthood.

For the full review, click here.

Jean Sorrell, The Returning

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you’ve heard us rave about Jean Sorrell’s The Returning. If you don’t want to take our word for it, you could always check out its latest review on Young Adult Book Reviews, one of the premier sites for book reviews on Young Adult Literature.

Megan Anderson, the blog’s author, says:

This story is both historical and modern at the same time, which many readers will find refreshing.  A lot of people like to read about WWII era stories, but Sorrell has managed to put a new and unexpected twist on this time period with her introduction of soul transference.  She also does a nice job of developing all of the characters so that the reader can understand how each person feels in this difficult situation.  The friendship between the two girls is pure and complex, which makes their actions believable and understandable.  The story will draw in readers from the beginning and hold them until the end.

For the full review, follow the link above.

Alice Lynn, Wrenn

Alice Lynn, whose book Wrenn was published in 2008, has been hard on the publicity trail since the book launched, and has landed herself several speaking gigs and highlights. This month she was interviewed by Author’s Forum, a television show highlighting authors of note. Bravo, Alice!

Click here to see the interview.

KB Dixon, The Ingram Interview

Last, and certainly not least, we come to KB Dixon, who is perhaps one of Inkwater’s biggest celebrity authors. His books have been reviewed by well-known publications around the country and just recently Dixon earned a spot as a finalist for the Oregon Book Award with his book, The Painter’s Life.

Dixon’s newest novel, The Ingram Interview, is hot off the press and garnering just as much attention, if not more, than his previous novels. Two new reviews have come in from the Roof Beam Reader and with quotes such as:

What I find so attractive about this book is that it there is a very real human spirituality to it.  The themes and style remind me of something Mitch Albom would write, if he were more focused on the human element, rather than the religious.

This style reminded me of how quickly our own thoughts race through our heads – how we can be sitting in a room, staring out the window, and in the hour that passes, a thousand thoughts about a thousand topics and memories will have passed, and these little thoughts are what we are made of and these moments of reflection are how we grow as individuals.  –Roof Beam Reader

So how about that Inkwater, readers? Some pretty stellar press for some very talented authors, don’t you think?

Stay tuned…there is surely more to come.