Domestic abuse survivor says Jerk Radar is an effective resource

A domestic abuse survivor, currently residing in Australia, had this to say about Stephen McCrea’s new book Jerk Radar: How to Stop a Bad Relationship Before it Starts: “I have read, in fact read it in under 24 hours, it is such an easy read. Jerk Radar is well written, easy to understand. The information and tips are simple to transfer into real life. For me it was a sobering read as I saw the ex right throughout the book, it brought so much back to me. I continually thought ‘yes that was him’. It will be so useful if/when I meet the next man I want to bring into my life. I think ‘Jerk Radar’ is a must to be given as a birthday present for every girl turning 13, a coming of age read. I know my life would be different if it had been given to me.” AS. Abuse survivor who’s story is in the book.