Dina McQueen finds press with Worlds of Change

We are big fans of Dina McQueen’s memoir Finding Aster, and as it turns out, so is everyone else. Dina’s most recent press on the book finds its home on the web page of Worlds of Change, a blog project for Goddard College’s MA program.

The post sets up a nice preview of Dina and her book and highlights the quality of the writing and the heartfelt nature of the memoir. We suggest checking out the post on Worlds of Change. For other recommended reading on Dina and Finding Aster, check out Dina’s blog, which, along with the book, is also growing in popularity. It’s a great supplement to the text because it focuses not only on adoption, but difficult parenting issues and childhood development.

For more information, purchasing links, and excerpts on the book, visit: www.findingaster.com.

While you’re there, visit her blog!