Cubicles, Org Charts, and Evals, Oh My!

Cubicles, Org Charts, and Evals, Oh My!

cover.inddMid-March, Inkwater Press will take a satirical look at employee handbooks when we publish Welcome to the Company: (or What to Really Expect Working Here). An “Office Space” meets PowerPoint© guide, we think this book will appeal to the “about to be hired” and long-term employees.

Author Eileen McVety takes on work culture in her book with wit and honesty. She claims, for example, that her greatest professional achievement when working for someone else was ‘to secure an office with a computer monitor that faced away from the door, allowing her ample time to close the personal document she was working on whenever her boss walked in.”

For a short peek inside Welcome to the Company, read on:

We’re confident you’ll find your employment experience at The Gordon Wiggins Group to be a richly satisfying one. Not overly confident, mind you. Like we wouldn’t lay money on it…but hey, it’s a job, right? So quit your griping.

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