Chicago Sun Times Features Article on Happy Soul Industry

The Happy Soul Industry author Steffan Postaer
Steffan Postaer

Inkwater Press title Happy Soul Industry is attracting international media coverage. Yesterday, the Chicago Sun Times business section featured an interview with author Steffan Postaer. Happy Soul Industry has also been featured at various blogs, including The Adhole, Ad Pulp, and American Copywriter.

In Happy Soul Industry, God hires an advertising agency to promote goodness. Mr. Postaer explained his inspiration in the Chicago Sun Times interview, saying, “As an advertising copywriter, I’m very interested in the tension between doing the next right thing as a person vs. making people want what they don’t need. The ad business plays fast with most of the seven deadly sins. Certainly greed, envy and lust. Coveting an object or service goes against the tenets of most religions and certainly the Judeo/Christian belief system. In my novel, God solicits an agency to market heaven because Her flock is distracted by popular culture. All hell breaks loose!”

Happy Soul Industry is currently available for preorder, and will be widely available on August 15th. To learn more about the novel, visit For author interviews and other media inquiries, please contact Colleen Welch at 503-968-6777.