Book 40 Years in the Writing Creates Instant Buzz

Book 40 Years in the Writing Creates Instant Buzz

Glenn A. Terris of Scappoose, Oregon, took 40 years to write Genesis: Revisited. Published in November, the buzz about this science fiction novel cropped up almost instantaneously.

A long-time fan of Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick, Glenn was hospitalized for a year following an accident in his twenties. He wrote a first draft of Genesis:Revisited as he was recovering. Several local newspapers and a radio station in Glenn’s hometown in Vermont are covering this inspiring story.

Genesis:Revisited draws on classic science fiction themes such as extraterrestrial life and dramatic leaps forward in human evolution. On another level, Genesis:Revisited is a book about personal relationships: marriage, divorce, love and steamy sex show the human side of scientists, engineers and flight crews. As the story evolves, so do these characters. They make wiser decisions based on what’s right or wrong, not what’s easiest or fastest, a distinction Glenn draws from his own experience.

WCFR, a classic hits radio station in Windsor County, Vermont aired an interview with Glenn on December 10. The Camas-Washougal Post-Record will feature a story on Glenn and his wife Linda this month, as will the Blackriver Tribune in Springfield, Vermont. Two other Northwest newspapers and an online science fiction magazine are also talking to Glenn about possible stories.

So, what does this first-time author offer up as advice to new writers? “Do not give up. Hold on to the belief that you have something to offer that is worth whatever it takes. It took 40 years for this to come true for me. It will not take long for the second book.”

We think these words are particularly wise coming from Glenn.