The Catholic Spirit Balances Pros & Cons of The Happy Soul Industry

Bob Zyskowsi, respected journalist for The Catholic Spirit, featured Steffan Postaer’s recently released The Happy Soul Industry in his October 6 blog Bobz Book Reviews. While Zyskowski wished for a “tad less bowing to the convention that sex sells,” he also says that the books “has worthwhile lessons to share about life and faith and virtue and marketing.”


In Postaer’s The Happy Soul Industry, God acknowledges that people  aren’t responding to the message anymore.  So She (yes, God is a She in this book) looks for a different approach and finds a solution by hiring an ad agency.  In his review, Zyskowski finds this “a great jumping off point for the plot” and describes the book as “a story with characters that readers will care about.”

Zyskowski also touts the book’s “insider peak into the advertising world” and Postaer’s “great touch with humor,”  adding that “It’s good writing and good reading.”

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