Shirley Webb Writes Maxy’s Best Non-fiction Book of 2018

My Sister, My Daughter, and Me has now been recognized for ten different awards!

On May 2nd, the Maxy Awards announced its winners for its annual contest, and Shirley Webb’s memoir about family, grief, and love received the award for Best Non-fiction in this year’s contest! Congratulations, Shirley!

“Three crazy, fun-loving Hispanic women (Tres Señoritas Locas) who had big dreams of making a better life for themselves. The first, with her irrepressible sense of humor, struggled mightily with some very wise and very foolish choices along the way. The second, with her beauty and charm, showed great promise, but kept falling over and over for the wrong men. The third, loving and kind, painstakingly reinvented herself after a cheating husband threw her out. And one of the three, through freakish circumstances, met with a heartrending death.”

Purchase your copy of My Sister, My Daughter, and Me here.

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