Author Testimonial

Inkwater Press has been a great relief in my search for a professional and friendly publisher for my books. I had finally finished this great story that I wanted people to see as soon as possible, but I didn’t want to wait around for traditional publishers to find me, or for author agents to accept me. I looked up book publishers, and I saw that the most easily found companies wanted so much money. Then, in the spirit of supporting local businesses, I searched for Portland publishers, and found Inkwater Press to be fairly priced and ready to work with me. I met Sean, who was a real person sitting across from me—not just a vague letterhead. And I was in quick-response email contact with the Inkwater team throughout the process of having my book published. Emily did an amazing job of creating the book covers for my trilogy. She encouraged my ideas, working with the things I thought were important to the look of my story. Having plenty of chances to make changes to my manuscript and cover, and knowing that what I had to say would be heard, I am happy that the people of Inkwater Press have made a joy out of what I thought would be a difficult hurdle of publishing without an agent. I’m happy to say that I am now a well-represented published author, and those who have seen my book think so as well.
Jenessa Grimm Gayheart (The Thousand Years Ghost)