Another Ally for the Almighty

9781592993529_cov_bang.indd A thoughtful, thought-provoking, and very favorable review of Steffan Postaer’s The Happy Soul Industry appeared in the blog Brand Appeal. In his blog entry titled The Happy Soul Industry: Faith is perhaps the greatest motivator, Craig writes, “The book is filled with twists and stimulating drama each and every chapter. Although it’s certainly not biblically accurate, it does an amazing job of inspiring parallel thoughts around God, the devil, and the morals that we live by….You’ll experience heady CEO’s of the largest ad agencies vying for the business of an angel (disguised as an unruffled and mysterious executive), God’s most vexing topic with the devil, and perhaps why even the greatest slogan of all doesn’t suffice in advocation….Go and read this book!” To read the entire review, go to