Africa Trek’s Alexandre Poussin Visits Inkwater Press

Alex with the Inkwater staff Alex Poussin made an exciting, inspiring stop at Inkwater Press headquarters in Portland on November 7. For many of us, it was the first chance we had to meet a person we had come to know intimately by way of email over the months and months of work it took to get both Africa Trek volumes to print. Over the past six months, Linda Franklin, Inkwater Press’s Editor-in-Chief, exchanged emails with Alex many times a day. She sat at her desk in Portland each day of the week; Alex sat in front of his computer outside Paris for most of the day and night. For Linda, the task was different than most since she needed to refine the translation of Alex’s books — from French to English — plus work with Alex to ensure essay online that American idiom duplicated his original intent. Linda called this process intense but said she was impressed by how “off-handedly erudite Alex was throughout the process.” For Linda and for the rest of the Inkwater Press, meeting Alex in person was exciting, gratifying and a tangible reminder of the collaboration and pride Inkwater Press takes in its work with its authors and customers alike.