Adoption Today Reviews Finding Aster

Adoption Today Reviews Finding Aster

As reviews go, this is about as good as it gets. Dina McQueen’s debut work is garnering critical acclaim and as more reviews come in, we can only expect this book will continue to impress.

Here’s an excerpt from Adoption Today’s Review:

Finding Aster— our Ethiopian adoption story, is a fascinating memoir that follows one woman’s journey to motherhood via international adoption. The title could just as easily have been, Finding Dina, for it is truly a memoir of discovery for the author as she relives the life decisions she has made leading up to the maternal evolution to become a mother.

This brutally honest and heartfelt memoir is a valuable resource to people deciding how to grow their families. This compelling story is told in such a dynamic way that those experiencing infertility problems may be inspired to choose a new direction. In addition, for those just starting out on the path to parenthood, McQueen’s journey is sure to offer insight to those who may not have considered adoption.

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