A 21st Century Campaign!

A 21st Century Campaign!

Get an inside look at the people behind the scenes, running national campaigns at a local level. Nancy Webber shows how ordinary people contribute in a wide variety of ways to get the word our about their candidate. Webber’s book sheds light on the myth, that it takes a certain type of person to get involved in campaigning, and encourages people to get more involved in helping shape the future. Ground Game is available here!


  1. manny steinberg

    Recently I published outcry memoirs of manny steinberg,the book is being sold at Barnes &
    noble -Amazon .com and at the holocaust museum in Washington D.C you can see the book
    onthe internet
    The story is being taken away at the age of 13 till 19 to various concentration camps , in Poland and in Germany,
    i am a sole survivor of a family of 300 the rest all perished , by the Germans during the second world war in europe.
    I am in need of a publisher , to reproduce
    the book , and bring it to europe or asia
    I Can mail you a sinopsis or a book , for you to consider,You can see the book on the i
    internet ,by clicking in outcry memoirs of manny steinberg.I have no agent I am looking for someone to take over,
    if interested e, mail me wsdesi@aol.com
    thank you

    1. sJones

      Dear Mr. Steinberg,

      We are an author-subsidy publisher in Portland, Oregon offering professional publishing and publicity services to authors for a fee. We would be happy to help you re-publish your book. We can make it available in Europe and the UK, however, we don’t have a strong marketing presence in Europe. You would likely need to hire a publicist in Europe to help promote the book. If you would like to learn more about our services and how we might be able to help please contact me at sean@inkwaterpress or call me at 503.968.6777. Thank you for the query.

      Best regards,

      Sean Jones
      Acquisitions Director

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